November 07 2016

MARRAKECH, Morocco, 7 November 2016 – The Government of Morocco, in close cooperation with the United Nations Industrial Development Orga- nization (UNIDO) and the Global En- vironment Facility (GEF), launched a bike-sharing scheme called “Medina Bike” in Marrakech, which is the host city of the 22rd session of the Confe- rence of the Parties (COP 22) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. It is one of a number of initia- tives launched in Marrakech to promote sustainability and green development. The initiative aims to promote sustai- nable transportation and encourage city inhabitants to use non-motorized vehicles by setting up 10 automatic bike rental stations in key areas around the city and equipping them with a total of 300 bicycles.

One such station was set up at the site of COP22 to make bike-sharing avai- lable to participants of the Conference, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of the event.

“Today Marrakech becomes the rst city in Africa to launch a bike-sharing sche- me and we hope to replicate this activity in other Moroccan cities. It was rende- red possible thanks to the leadership of the city’s management and the fruitful

cooperation between the city, UNIDO and the GEF,” said Hakima El-Haite, the delegate Minister of Environment of Mo- rocco at the launch ceremony.

The initiative also serves as an example of how public-private partnerships can address sustainability at the city level. In this scheme, the bike supplier and lo- cal advertising company were selected through a competitive process, and then UNIDO and the Ministry of Envi- ronment facilitated the dialogue with the Municipality of Marrakech, who ul- timately granted the license to the ope- ration system. The bikes and rental sys- tems were then procured and deployed in less than four months.

For more information, please contact: Rana Ghoneim
UNIDO Industrial Development Officer