How it works

Enjoy your ride day and night! Medina Bike is open 24/7, 365 days a year.


 1. From your computer, on this website, in the « Register » section                    

 2. From the "Medina Bike" mobile App, available on IOS or Android.         3. In a shop    

4.  Follow these steps

. Click on "Sign up" in the menu (a valid credit card is required to complete payment)
. Accept the terms and conditions of use
. Enter your credit card information
. Once you have successfully registered you will receive a user code (7 digits) via email, which you will need to access a bike. (This code will always be displayed in your profile if you are logged in to the website)


With a code

Unlock a bike :
Wake up the Smoove Box

If you have an RFID card
  . Choose option "1"
  . Scan your card
  . Enter your 4 digit PIN code and press enter
  . At the BEEP, remove your bike and enjoy your ride!

If you have a code
  . Choose option "2"
  . Enter your access code (7 digits) and press enter
  . Enter your PIN code, and press enter.
  . At the BEEP, remove your bike and enjoy your ride!

Stop & Shop
When you want to make a short stop away from a station and you don't want to return your bike, use the integrated cable lock for short stops.
(Remember, your trip is still running so finding an available docking station is always
recommended instead of stopping and shopping)


Restarting your bike after a short stop.

. Wake up the Smoove Box
. Enter your PIN code, and press enter
. Release the lock and pull the cable back in the handlebar. You are ready to ride.
Insert bike into docking station, wait for beep and go